Snap Inventory

UI/UX Design
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With almost half of small businesses still using error-prone spreadsheets to track inventory, the goal with this project was to create an extremely easy to use app for web and iOS that could deliver advanced tracking features with minimal setup and training. (Snap Inventory is now part of Tookstock).

Project Discovery


Inventory tracking can get pretty complex, and many companies have their own quirks and requirements. Snap Inventory’s goal was to avoid feature creep and remain an incredibly simple product that solved for the most common use cases.

The app’s interface was designed to reduce friction wherever possible and ensure core functions were always within reach.


By staying focused on maintaining a disciplined set of easy to use features, the app has been used by over 10,000 individuals and businesses, and remains highly rated (4+ stars) in the Apple App Store. (Snap Inventory is now called "Tookstock").

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