Industrial Design
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Hinge_02 was a progression of Make Eyewear’s first stainless steel frame design that was developed to improve the spring hinge and make the process of inserting and removing lenses faster and simpler for eye care professionals, a critical factor for large scale optical labs. Like the original metal frames, Hinge_02 is constructed entirely from a single sheet of stainless steel.

Project Discovery


Numerous prototypes were tested in order to ensure the right fit and performance of the hinge. Horizontal cuts along the temple had to be perfected to a fraction of a millimeter, in order to deliver the right amount of tension in the spring. The front of the temple is rolled to allow rotation along the y-axis, while a low-profile bracket prevents movement along the x and z axes. The resulting hinge is thinner than the original Make Eyewear hinge, and can be assembled without the use of optical tools.


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