Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds

Hardware UX Design
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As UX Product Lead on the QuietComfort® earbuds my role was to leverage advanced sensors and newly developed technology to deliver an experience that felt intuitive and effortless.

Every interaction was carefully considered, starting with the moment the earbuds are removed from their packaging. The result was a highly rated product that delivered a world class audio experience.

Project Discovery


The QuietComfort® Earbuds pack an incredible amount of technology into a small form factor. The biggest design challenges on this project centered around the seamless integration of newly invented technology. Because there aren't really any prototyping tools purpose built for hardware UX design, our team had to get creative about testing. We built prototypes using a wide variety of tools and worked with researchers to validate our designs.

Interaction with the accompanying mobile app was also a critical factor in the product’s success. Our team worked closely with researchers to design an intuitive app experience that guided users through onboarding and extended the earbuds’ functionality.


The QuietComfort® Earbuds have been a highly rated (4+ stars) and commercially successful product. It has won both the Red Dot and IF Design awards.

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